Swimming Pools in Stuttgart

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Outdoor Pools

Freibad Rosental (Vaihingen)

This very large pool stands out for its enormous slide: 10 meters (32.8 feet) heigh and 100 meters (328 feet) long. There are also bubble loungers, a wading pool, a diving tower, courts for beach volleyball and basketball, and a nudist area for sunbathing.

Rosentalstr. 21, 70563 Stuttgart


Freibad Sillenbuch

This family-friendly pool offers a pleasant community feeling. There is a wading pool and small slide for children as well as table tennis and sunbathing areas.

Trossinger Str. 2A, 70619 Stuttgart


Höhenfreibad Killesberg

This pool is located in the beautiful Höhenpark Killesberg. There are areas for diving (with three towers), floating, swimming, and even playing in the waves when the wave generator is running. You can also play ball games and lie out in the extensive sunbathing area. This bathing center is perfect for families with young children, too. There’s a wading pool with a small slide, a paddling pool, and even a mud playground!

Beim Höhenfreibad 37, 70192 Stuttgart


Inselbad Untertürkheim

This “island pool” is on the Neckar river and specializes in sports and fun. There are five swimming pools with different features, including slides, diving boards, and a nudist pool. You can play basketball, “beach” volleyball, table tennis and more.

Inselbad 4, 70327 Stuttgart


Freibad Möhringen

Actually, this bathing center offers both indoor and outdoor swimming options. There is a heated “thermal hall,” with a swimmable canal to the outdoors. That makes this pool the first of the season to open and the last to close. It’s very popular among families, thanks to the three paddling pools and baby slide as well as barbecue area. There is a multifunctional sports complex with plenty of fun activities, and there is also a large separate nudist area.

Hechinger Str. 112, 70567 Stuttgart


Indoor Pools

Hallenbad Cannstatt

This pool is only open to the public on Thursdays, also a heated water day. During the rest of the week, the pool host schools and clubs for swimming, diving, and kayaking.

Hofener Str. 17, 70372 Stuttgart


Hallenbad Feuerbach

The beautiful glass facade of this swimming pool’s building is a listed monument who latest renovation took nearly two years.

Wiener Str. 53, 70469 Stuttgart


Hallenbad Plieningen

This 25-meter (82-foot) multipurpose swimming pool has variable water depth thanks to an adjustable floor!

Im Wolfer 40, 70599 Stuttgart


Hallenbad Sonnenberg

This swimming complex includes a large multipurpose pool with counter current and massage jets, a wading pool, and a small pool with an adjustable floor where babies and toddlers can practice their swimming. There are swimming and fitness courses as well as a sunbathing terrace.

Kremmlerstr. 1, 70597 Stuttgart


Hallenbad Vaihingen

This pool is in a lovely location next to a small lake, the Rosentalsee, and not far from the outdoor swimming pool Freibad Rosental (only open in summer). There are swimming and fitness classes in the large multipurpose pool as well as a wading pool and outdoor terrace.

Rosentalstr. 15, 70563 Stuttgart


Hallenbad Zuffenhausen

This swimming complex is among the largest in Stuttgart, with over 400 m² (4300 sq. feet) of water surface. The 25-meter (82-foot) multipurpose swimming pool features a diving tower as well as a 90-meter (295 foot) slide. There is a wading pool inside and much more fun for children outdoors, including a large playground with water attractions. Additional features of the center include a sunbathing area, terrace, and various saunas. The pool also offers swimming lessons, fitness classes, and children’s birthday parties.

Haldenrainstr. 31, 70437 Stuttgart



This swimming complex offers a 25-meter (82-foot) swimming pool, a diving pool, and a wading pool for children. The pool offers swimming lessons, fitness classes, and children’s birthday parties. There is also an outdoor playground and sunbathing area.

Landhausstr. 192, 70188 Stuttgart


Hallenbad Heslach

This swimming complex offers a 25-meter (82-foot) swimming pool, a diving pool, and a wading pool for children. The pool also offers fitness classes, birth preparation courses, and also nudist swimming hours.

Mörikestraße 62, 70199 Stuttgart


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