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Stuttgart Expats is a community for Stuttgart Expats & Locals to enjoy events in Stuttgart together. 

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Aaron Christopher Moses
fun activities
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everyone in the group is friendly and easy to talk to. If you’re looking for genuine people to connect with while doing fun activities, then this is the right group of individuals to be around. Always a good time.
Adrian D. Bridges
pub crawls, hikes, BBQs, game nights, wine tastings and mor
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Events are plentiful and just as diverse as the people in the group are the events such as pub crawls, hikes, BBQs, game nights, wine tastings and more. From 100 to just 5 people there’s something for every type and of course the conversations on Facebook are just as interesting. Join and say hello! Truly something for everyone here
Afrin Rimky
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Nice group,super event ,great people
Ahmed Elhashimy Elmaleky
one of the best in Germany
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Stuttgart Expat , I think it's so far the one of the best in Germany, it organizes many interesting activities
Al Lowe
awesome weekly events
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After spending most of my life in nice cities like Hamburg, Stockholm and Munich I was dreading spending time in Stuttgart since I had only heard negative feedback from many contacts and customers that Stuttgart is a dirty, industrial city with not much to do. I am extremely grateful that I found and joined the Stuttgart Expats group since it certainly makes Stuttgart a great place to live with its awesome weekly events ranging from camping trips, boat trips, picnics and parties. Barry Callan and the rest the expat admin team, please don’t retire anytime soon 🙂
Alejandro Tristan
very well organized
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The driving school was very well organized and they have been very patient and most accommodating
Alessandro Pisano
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Nice and cozy international environment!
Alex DizGz
great place to get to know people
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great place to get to know worldwide people, doesn't matter if you are new in town or local for many years.
Alexandra LR Stojanoska
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I'm new here, and happy to meet new people and culture
Amalie Weizel
Very interesting and good organized activities
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very nice and kind people. Barry does a great job. Very interesting and good organized activities . I am glad we have that diverse group and I am happy to be part of it.
Amets Jua
recommended to meet new people
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So recommended to meet new people, international group with different cultures. No problem if you are younger or older, diversity is the best. They make many type of interesting events
Alastair Rankin
meet new people in Stuttgart
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Great way to meet new people in Stuttgart! Always a good time
Ervin Szekely
organize weekly very fun events
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A really great group especially if you are new in town. They organize weekly very fun events where you can get to meet people and make new friends.
Katrina Fite
If you're new in Stuttgart or looking to meet new people this is the group
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Everybody is super welcoming and friendly. Barry does a really good job of planning and coordinating everything. If you're new in Stuttgart or looking to meet new people this is the group to do it.
Linda Myers
variety of fun events
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Has a variety of fun events to intermingle with a diverse group of people
Dinner Party 2020
Vietnamese Cooking Class
Brazilian Cooking Class
Colombian Cooking Class
Cambodian Cooking Class
Indian Cooking Class
Stuttgart Camping 2020
Stuttgart Camping 2019
Stuttgart Camping 2018
Stuttgart Camping 2017
Stuttgart Camping 2016
Stuttgart Camping 2015
Stuttgart Camping 2013
Stuttgart Camping 2012
Stuttgart Paragliding
Stand Up Paddling SUP 2020
Stuttgart Disco Bowling 2019
Dragon Boat 2019
Dragon Boat 2018
Wine Walk 2020
Wine Walk 2020
Wine Walk 2019
Wine Walk 2019
Wine Walk 2016
Wine Walk 2016
Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2019
Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2018
Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2017
Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2016
Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2015
Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2014
Volksfest 2019
Volksfest 2018
Volksfest 2017
Volksfest 2016
Volksfest 2015
Volksfest 2014
Suit Up 2019
Suit Up 2018
Suit Up 2017
Suit Up 2016
Suit Up 2015
Suit Up 2014
BBQ 2020
11th Birthday BBQ 2019
10th Birthday BBQ 2018
BBQ 2017
BBQ 2016
BBQ 2015
Stuttgart Fasching 2020
Fasching Party 2019
Fasching Party 2018
Fasching Party 2017
Fasching Party 2016
Fasching Party 2014
Fasching Party 2013
Fasching Party 2012
Petrol Head Race 2020
Karting 2015
Karting Stuttgart 2013
Halloween 2019
Halloween 2018
Halloween 2016
Halloween 2015
Halloween 2014
Halloween 2013
Halloween 2012
Halloween 2011
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