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Public v Private Health Insurance

Public v Private Health Insurance

Health Insurance

The German insurance reform of 2007 requires that everybody residing in Germany must be insured against medical emergencies. you want to have insurance for a minimum of out-patient and hospital treatment. no matter the duration or purpose of your stay in Germany as an expat, you need health insurance.

In Germany you have the option of private or public Health Insurance. EU citizens staying in Germany for a brief period can go for health coverage within the type of a ecu Healthcare Insurance Card or EHIC. This card must be issued by an applicable EU country.

How does Health insurance work in Germany?

When you are a resident in Germany, its compulsory that you get a Health Insurance card.

Public Health Insurance Germany

Public insurance in Germany referred to as Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung (GKV) or statutory health insurance. Today almost 90% of the country’s population comes under the coverage of this statutory health insurance.

This automatically covers paid employees, including apprentices and vocational trainees, who have an income of up to €64,350 per annum. Those earning above this limit may choose to stay with the public insurance. As an employee, you’ve must contribute 7.3% of your gross salary to public health insurance costs. Your employer pays half of your contribution. If you are self-employed you’ll pay the whole contribution of 14.6%.

Private Health Insurance Germany

Private insurance in Germany or Private Krankenversicherung (PVK) take age and health conditions as factors to determine the price of this insurance. The coverage and price of the private insurance system vary. About 10% of Germany’s population have private health insurance.

Like public insurance, within the case of personal insurance, also the contribution is equally divided between the employer and therefore the employee. Again, self-employed individuals need to pay the total amount towards the insurance cost.

You can select which kind you’d prefer if your annual income is above €64,350 pa or €5.362,50 per month (Pflichtversicherungsgrenze in 2021) p.a.. Self-employed individuals and civil servants also can avail of this choice.

Which Health insurance Is Better in Germany?

For expats, public insurance is usually the safe option.

There are a lot of public health insurance companies and not every company caters to expats (in English). that’s why Stuttgart Expats have partnered with one in every of the foremost reliable health service providers in Germany to assist you out.

Over 10 millions people in Germany have their health insurance from Techniker Krankenkasse or TK. They are the largest public insurance provider within the country. It’s one of the top providers for English speaking expats. TK has been named Germany’s best insurance fund by Focus Money business magazine.

TK insurance in Germany offers several advantages, such as:

  • Online registration – quick and straightforward process
    Freedom to choose a doctor of your choice reckoning on your need.
  • Insurance coverage for all members of your family while TK charges you for only 1 contribution.
  • Avail TK benefits once you jaunt other European countries in addition.
  • Avail of treatment at several hospitals across Europe by just showing your TK insurance card.
  • Opt for an array of therapies and treatment from specialists for a number of health issues that range from outpatient surgery to chronic diseases.
  • Since the full application process for obtaining insurance is in English, you’ll easily follow every aspect of the procedure.
  • The company offers a good type of health classes to assist you lead a healthy life.
  • You can avail of any service from the corporate through the TK-App, a mobile application.
  • The company provides round-the-clock service.

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