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Course fee is €79 and you can pay online here

Start time: 10am

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Courses take place on Saturdays and next class can be booked here

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English First aid course in Stuttgart City Centre

You are looking for a first aid course in English language? We offer you such a course. You can easily access the course in Stuttgart City Centre. In addition, we offer a complimentary eye test at a different location after you complete the first-aid course.

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First Aid Course in Stuttgart is a 9-chapter course that will leave you feeling confident and prepared that you know how to perform first aid. With hands-on instruction and realistic scenarios, the knowledgeable teachers will equip you to handle any circumstance that may happen while you are driving. If you need to get your driver’s license, this first aid course is a fantastic place to begin.

Chapters Covered in Our First Aid Course

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First Aid Course

We offer a first-aid course in English for anyone interested in getting their German driving licence in Stuttgart. This course will cover everything you need to know about providing basic first aid, and it’s taught by experienced professionals who are fluent in English. This course will give you the assurance you need to manage any emergency scenario, regardless of whether you’re a total newbie or you just want to brush up on your abilities. Therefore, join right now to receive the training required for a license and to be ready for everything the road may throw at you.

First Aid Course for Driving License

The first step to getting a driving licence is to take a First Aid course. We provide First Aid training in Stuttgart for all license levels. The First Aid training may be done on-site, and the teachers, who have extensive backgrounds in the emergency services, guarantee that participants are well informed about all elements of saving lives and that there is no chance of becoming bored. When knowledgeable teachers thoroughly explain pre-clinical support in crises, participants learn to save lives in a casual and friendly environment.

First Aid Course in English

Our first aid course must be successfully completed in order for you to apply for a German driving license. So, if you’re prepared to obtain your driver’s license, begin by enrolling in the course right now.

First Aid Courses for Driving License

The first aid certification is required for the German driving license and is always current. Book your free eye exam and English First Aid course with us right away!

Eye Test for Driving License
First Aid Kit for the Car

As part of the course you will perform practical exercises such as learning to use a defibillator. You will also learn the correct method to preform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). All first aider’s will learn how to correctly place a bandage on a wound.

What do I need to bring to the First Aid course?

Biometric passport photos

Registration for the first aid course is easy, pay online to secure your seat. The instructor is professional and the course is in English. You will only need to take your valid id (identity card or passport) with you.

The first aid courses comprises 9 chapters, each has a duration of 45 minutes. Course duration is from 9am to 5pm

Course fee is 79 euros and includes a free eye test.

First Aid Certificate has a life long validity but its recommended that you renew it every 2 years. The first aid kit in your car should also be regularly updated (check for expiry date)

Our first aid course lasts for 6 – 7 hours, 9 x 45 minutes + breaks = 7,5 hours. It mainly includes both theoretical and practical aspects which are mandatory to learn before applying for a driving license. The theoretical part covers the topics of anatomy, physiology, and pathology. This is followed by a practical session where we learn how to apply bandages, splints, and other common treatments. Finally, we simulations of common accidents so that we can learn how to react in an emergency situation. The entire course is designed to give us the skills and knowledge we need to provide basic first aid in a variety of situations.

We offer a free eye test with our first aid course which is also necessary before applying for a driving license in Stuttgart. Our ophthalmologist will give you an extensive examination and will give you the certification if you are fit for a driving license. You will also get tips on how to keep your eyes healthy. The ophthalmologist will help you to fill out the application form for your driving license. He will also send us the results of the eye examination so that we can issue you the certificate of successful completion of the first aid course.


Germany is a country with quite stringent health and safety regulations, and one of the requirements for getting a driver’s license is completing a first aid course. The training teaches drivers how to react in an emergency, including how to use a defibrillator and conduct CPR. In the event of an accident or medical emergency while driving, first aid training is crucial.

Within two years of the course’s start date, you must schedule an appointment with the Bürgeramt. You must retake the course if you miss the deadline.



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On completing the first course bring your first aid certificate, eye test and biometric passport photos and application form to the driving school to start the process of getting the driving license

For registration at driving school bring the following items

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