Driving License Translation

    1. Upload a photo front and back of your foreign driving license onto the website

    2. Select source language of your foreign driving licence and target language for your certified translation. Select only a valid national driving licence and not an international driving licence

    3. Click add to cart and with just a few clicks your driver’s license translation will be started on.

    4. Review your officially certified translation to your local driving school.

Driver License Translation

Our sworn translator ensure that your Driver License Translation is accurately and recognized by the relevant authorities. Contact us for more information license translation of your foreign driving licence.

Driving License Translation

Do you need a certified Driving License Translation? Lingoking specialised in authorised translations of international and foreign driver’s licences for German authorities.

Driving license translation from English to German

If you’re moving to Germany, you’ll need your driver’s license translated to German. Bring your translator sworn licence translation to the German authorities. You may need to take a written or practical driving test before you can be issued a German driving licence. Translate your national driving licence and not your international driving permit or international driving licence.

Driving licence translation from German to English

If you already have a german driver’s license you’ll need a driver’s license translation for use abroad.


The cost of a Driving License Translation can vary depending on a number of factors, including the word length of the document, the number of languages involved, and the level of difficulty. In general, shorter documents are less expensive to translate than longer ones the pricing for translation starts at €49.50 incl. VAT. Driving licence cost also starts €49.50 at price varies depending on the language combination.

When you need to translate a document for official purposes, it’s important to use a certified professional translator. A sworn translator has been vetted by a professional translators and proven to have the skills and knowledge required to produce accurate translations.

You may drive in Germany if you have a current foreign driver’s license that complies with German driving laws. This rule is applicable for stays up to six months. A transfer of your driving license is required following these six months. 

The translation of a driver’s license that is necessary for a German authority is available at Lingoking, along with certification and categorization. 

Your driving license does not need to be translated if you are from an EU nation in order to be able to drive in Germany. However, drivers from other nations outside the EU are subject to various regulations.

If you establish Germany as your usual place of residence—that is, if you spend at least 185 days there annually—then additional requirements take effect. You must get your driver’s license converted in this situation.

You may operate a motor vehicle in Germany if you have a current drivers license that complies with German driving laws. This rule is applicable for stays up to six months. A transfer of your driving license is required following these six months. In Germany, you are not required to carry a translation if you hold an international driving license. A translator sworn in Germany is required to translate official papers.

If you need to translate documents, there are a few different options available to you. One option is to use an online translation tool, such as Google Translate. However, these tools are not always accurate, and they can often miss important nuances in the text. Another option is to hire a professional translator. To get a certified translation of your German Driver’s licence use our sworn translators before driving in other countries.

Some of the most common types of documents that are translated by certified translators include driving licenses, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, adoption papers, legal contracts, and medical records.

German Driving License
Front of German Driving License
B Class Driving License
Back of German Driving License

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