Health Insurance

  • Contact the English speaking team at Techniker Krankenkasse

  • Learn how to Video Call your doctor

  • Learn how to send and receive digital prescriptions

  • Submit your sick note online

  • Arrange your 1 on 1 call with Florian and Leon to have your questions answered

Schedule your appointment

Health Insurance Calculator for Employees in 2022

Calculate how much your health insurance will cost as an employee.

Schedule your call with TK

Health Insurance Calculator for Self-Employed in 2022

Calculate how much your health insurance will cost you per month when you are self-employed.

Video Call a Doctor

  • Earn rewards for keeping fit

  • Video Call your doctor

  • Send and receive digital prescriptions

TK Electronic Health Card

  • The TK electronic health card contains your passport photo and signature.

  • With the TK eHealth card, doctors can settle the fees for services with the health insurance fund. 

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