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In Germany, everyone needs health insurance. Germany has great record of having best and most comprehensive healthcare system in the world. For any serious injury, long-term sickness, Germany offers several health benefits. That’s’ why health insurance is mandatory for everyone in Germany even for students and each has to pay health insurance every month. Once you registered, your health insurance will provide you with a health card. If you visit a hospital, you have to represent your card. Thus, it’s recommended to carry it with you all time. When you apply for a student visa, you have to provide proof of health insurance. 

health insurance
In Germany, there are two different types of health insurance system.

1) Public health insurance system

2) Private health insurance system

Public Health Insurance System 

90% of people in Germany are in the public health insurance system. You have to pay 17.9% to 20.6% of your income for public health insurance. If you are a student, civil servant such as police officers, self-employed, you can choose public insurance. The process of this insurance is very simple. Now, a question arises how much you have to pay, if you choose public insurance. It depends on your salary and income. Usually, you have to pay between 180 Euro and 800 Euro. In Public health insurance, you can expect all the necessary care such as detection & diagnoses, general practitioners, hospital care. One of the biggest benefits of public health insurance in Germany is also it includes dependence with no additional cost. For example, you have a family and you choose a health benefit plan for them, you can do it for free. 

Public Health Insurance System
  • Public health insurance is cheaper than private health insurance if your income is low. You have to pay less if you earn less. In case, you lose your job or get retired, it becomes cheaper. 
  • Also, if you visit Germany with a study visa then public health insurance is best for you. Basically, In Germany students have to pay around 110€ per month if they are 30 years old. 
  • Unlike private insurance, public insurance covers your spouse and children for free. On the other hand, In private health insurance one have to pay more to cover other people. 
  • Less documentation is required for public health insurance. You don’t need to worry about its coverage and reimbursement if you visit a hospital. Here You just need to show your health insurance card.
  • Public health insurance is not available for everyone. If you are a freelancer or just move to Germany, you are not eligible for public health insurance. Freelancers can only choose private health insurance. 
  • Special treatments are not included in public health insurance. if you go for special treatment, you have to pay the extra cost yourself. Also, like private insurance, you can’t choose the quality of your coverage. 

Private Health Insurance System: 

Private Krankenversicherung (PKV) is the second name of private health insurance, offered by private insurance companies. Only 10% of people in Germany choose private health insurance. If you are self-employed, a doctor, freelancer, and your annual income are more than 62.550 euros, you can choose private health insurance. The concept of private health insurance is slightly different from public health insurance. In private health insurance, when you visit a doctor for any treatment you have to pay the costs yourself. After that, you can file a claim with the help of your private health insurance for reimbursement.  

Private Health Insurance System

Private health insurance only accepts healthy people. If you have any kind of health problems such as sugar, BP, diabetes then you are not eligible for private health insurance. Once you applied for private health insurance, you have to go for a medical checkup. The tariff is mostly supposed to be the same, but sometimes it may increase. So, before applying you need to check the tariff.

  • Private health insurance covers outpatient medical treatment, ambulance transportation, specialist treatment, physician’s fees, meditation, open catalog of medical aids.
  • The cost of private health insurance depends on your age, health, and insurance coverage. If you are healthy, then private health insurance is much cheaper than public health insurance. 
  • Private health insurance is expensive for freelancers because you have to pay the full price yourself. If you are employed in Germany, your employer has to pay half of your Health Insurance. 
  • Private insurance is also expensive for old people. If someone gets retired or has a lower income, it’s hard to pay the cost. If someone wants to move from private health insurance to public health insurance after the age of 55, it’s almost impossible. 
  • In private insurance, you can choose dental coverage, travel insurance, and special treatment. The more option you choose, it will be more expensive. 
  • If you have a health issue, private health issues are more expensive for you. Sometimes private health insurance refuses to cover you if you have a pre-existing condition. Before applying for private health insurance, you must take a health test.


Each Public and private health insurance have their own benefits. It depends on your situation, which one is better for you. If you just visit Germany and you are earning less than public health insurance is best for you. But, if your income is good and have good health, you can go for private health insurance. According to your income, which health benefits you want, your age you can choose public and private health benefits. Generally, public insurance doesn’t cover all the special treatment. The cost for public and private health insurance, constantly rising due to demographics. Thus, while applying for health insurance, check out all details about both public and private health insurance and choose best for you.

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  • Ask the English speaking team at TK

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