Stuttgart Frühlingsfest

The Stuttgart Spring Festival is a celebration of the city’s culture and heritage.

The Frühlingsfest is a celebration of all things Stuttgart. From traditional German food to fairground attractions, there’s something for everyone at this festival.

Traditional German food

Enjoy traditional German fare like bratwurst, sauerkraut, and pretzels at one of our many food stalls. We also have plenty of international cuisine available for those looking for something different.

Beer Tent

The Beer Tent offers a variety of beers from around the world as well as local brews from Germany. You can also enjoy some wine or other drinks if you’re not feeling like beer!

Fairground attractions

There are plenty of rides and games to enjoy at the fairground attractions area. You can also take part in some traditional German games like bingo or horseshoes!

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Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2019

Check out the photos from our Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2019

Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2018

Check out the photos from our Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2018

Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2017

Check out the photos from our Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2017

Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2016

Check out the photos from our Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2016

Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2015

Check out the photos from our Stuttgart Springfest 2015

Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2014​​

Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2013

Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2012

Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2011

Check out the photos from our Frühlingsfest 2011

Spring Festival Stuttgart 2010

Check out the photos from our Frühlingsfest 2010

Stuttgart Frühlingsfest 2009

Check out the photos from our Frühlingsfest 2009

Stuttgart Expats is a facebook group started in 2007. We are the largest community of Internationals in the Stuttgart Region. Every weekend we offer different events to help you make friends in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart Sports

We host sports activites such as karting competitions, running tours, bicycle trips, motorcycle trips and of course watersports. Every year our watersports team take part in a dragon boat race. Our members also love our picnics, bbq’s, pillow fights.

Stuttgart Party

Of course we also have halloween, fasching, frühlingsfest, and volksfest parties.

Stuttgart Events

And for those who prefer it less active we have board games nights, a poker group, live band nights, and a book club.

Clearly our most famous event is our annual Stuttgart Suit Up Party. Every year our members love to get that new suit or that cocktail dress out for our classy night. In the summertime we also do a Boat Party.

English speakers in Stuttgart

Our member love the classes we offer in English such as cooking, dancing, tennis and art.

Stuttgart Photowalk

If you would like to join our photowalks then check out our photography group.

Stuttgart Memes

Sometimes you just want to see some silly memes on the internet right, well our meme group is sure to give you a giggle!

Events in Stuttgart

If you are new in Stuttgart and would like to make new friends, then simply join one of our weekly events. We live in Stuttgart, we’re expats and we meet up. What’s not to like?
Click on the icons below to find our instagram, our facebook page, our facebook group and of course our upcoming events! Dont be afraid to join alone, each of us were all new once, our members will make you feel at home and by the next weekend you already have some new friends!

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