Craft Beer Tasting Stuttgart

Discover the flavor of Stuttgart with our Craft Beer Tasting and Tours services! We offer a variety of beer tastings, as well as tours of some of the city’s most popular breweries. Whether you’re a beer lover or just looking to try something new, our services are sure to please you. Our knowledgeable guides will help you to explore the many different types of craft beer available in Stuttgart, and you’ll even have the chance to sample some of the best that the city has to offer. So come on down and discover the taste of Stuttgart today!

You can check out the photos below from our Stuttgart Craft Beer tasting night at Kraftpaule 

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Local Craft Beer in Stuttgart 

When it comes to craft beer tasting in Stuttgart, there is nothing quite like a locally crafted brew. While mass-produced beers may be fine for some occasions, they simply cannot compare to the flavor and character of a beer that has been brewed with care and attention by a local craftsman in Stuttgart. That is why, on our craft beer tour, we will be providing only locally crafted beers for our participants to enjoy. From IPAs to stouts, we have assembled a selection of beers that are sure to please every palate.

Craft Beer Festival Stuttgart

Stuttgart’s Craft Beer Festival is the perfect event for any beer lover. This year’s festival will feature over 200 different beers from more than 60 breweries, including some of the best craft breweries in the world. In addition to the wide variety of beers, the festival will also offer food trucks, live music, and a variety of other activities. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or just looking for a fun way to spend a day, the Stuttgart craft beer festival is sure to be a great time.

Explore Stuttgart On a Craft Beer Tasting Tour With Us

There’s no better way to explore a city than by visiting its breweries, and Stuttgart is no exception. Our craft beer tasting tour takes you to some of the best breweries in town, where you’ll be able to sample a variety of unique beers. 

You’ll also learn about the brewing process and get a behind-the-scenes look at how these delicious beverages are made. So whether you’re a beer lover or just curious about the brewing process, join us on a craft beer tour of Stuttgart.

Craft Beer at Bierotek

Check out the photos from our Stuttgart Craft Beer tasting night at Bierotek

Craft Beer in Stuttgart

O Reillys
O'Reillys Irish Pub
Kraftpaule - Craft Beer Bar

Craft Beer Shop in Stuttgart

Bierothek Stuttgart - Craft Beer Store
Kraftpaule - Craft Beer Shop

Craft Brewery in Stuttgart

Singhbräu Craft Beer Brewery - The name Singh comes from India and means lion. The lion is majestic a, strong and passionate. For this type of brewing we gladly put our name to it.
Rossknecht Craft Beer Brewery

Frequently Asked Questions

Is craft beer popular in Stuttgart?

Yes, craft beer is popular in Stuttgart. In fact, there are a number of craft breweries in the city, and the scene is growing. It is popular because it offers something different than what you can find at the big industrial brewers. It’s often made with high-quality ingredients and has a lot of flavors.

What is Germany’s most popular beer?

Germany’s most popular beer is Pilsner. It was first brewed in the town of Plzen in the Czech Republic in 1842. Pilsner is a light-colored, pale lager that is usually served cold and is often described as clean-tasting and refreshing.

Are there IPA beers in Stuttgart?

There are IPA beers in Stuttgart. In fact, some of the best IPA beers in the world are made in Germany.

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