Gelber Sack Stuttgart

Where to get the Gelber Sack in Stuttgart (for free)

The “Gelber Sack” in Stuttgart is the yellow bag used for collecting lightweight packaging waste, such as plastic bottles and containers, aluminum cans, and tetra packs.

In English, “Gelber Sack” can be translated as “yellow bag”. However, in the context of waste management in Stuttgart, it specifically refers to the yellow bag used for lightweight packaging waste. 

What is allowed in the Gelber Sack

  1. Plastic bottles and containers, such as water bottles, shampoo bottles, and yogurt containers.
  2. Metal packaging, such as aluminum cans, tin cans, and metal lids.
  3. Drink cartons, such as juice boxes, milk cartons, and soup cartons.
  4. Lightweight packaging made of composite materials, such as chip bags and candy wrappers.
Gelber Sack Rollen
Gelber Sack Rollen

What is not allowed in the Gelber Sack

Items such as glass, paper, cardboard, and organic waste should not be placed in the “Gelber Sack”. These items should be sorted and disposed of properly in their respective waste containers. Additionally, it is important to follow the local guidelines and regulations for waste disposal in your area

Gelber Sack Stuttgart
Gelber Sack Stuttgart

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